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Ruben Hughes from Bayonne, New Jersey, is the Social Media Lead at Squarespace and a successful freelance Photographer. Find his work at and connect with him on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

Do you have any packing tips?
I always pack for high and low temperatures. Whether I’m headed to Iceland or Cuba, I find that you never quite know the conditions. I also like to pack an extra day’s worth of clothing in the case that I have to stay behind.

What do you wear when you travel?
If it’s a city-to-city trip, I like to wear comfortable sneakers with layers of clothing. It’s easier to take things off as the weather changes throughout the day. If it’s a rural or mountain trip, I wear clothing that’s comfortable, durable and classic. In both travels, comfort is always an underlying factor.

Best things to buy in the Duty-Free?
It’s very location specific, but wine and beer is a safe bet.

Which three items do you always have in your carry-on?
My Canon 5D Mark III, B&O Play A1 Speaker, and Aesop travel essentials.

And what’s in your suitcase? Three things you always bring.
One of my favorite Acne knit sweaters, a pair of Common Projects, and a raincoat for unexpected weather.

What are you watching/listening to/reading on the plane?
Documentaries / Podcasts / Monocle

















How do you stay connected on the road? Roaming, second SIM card, portable wi-fi hotspot?
Roaming and wi-fi hotspot usually do the trick.

And how do you stay in contact with your loved ones? Phone calls, social media, postcards?
I FaceTime my parents during the middle of any international trips. It makes them feel like they’re with me and I enjoy hearing their voices. The day before I leave, I usually grab some postcards and send them out to my closest friends. Social media is also the best way to contact me, but I will say – I’m the worst at replying back when I’m traveling.

Is there something that always makes you feel at home wherever you are?
Local convenient shops – no matter where I travel, they all seem to look and feel the same.

What’s a dream destination of yours? Have you been?
I have somewhat of a love affair with Lisbon, Portugal — the architecture, food, and romanticism. It’s a dream of mine to go there and get lost in the city streets. I haven’t visited yet, but plan to later this year.

What was your last trip? Where are you going next?
I was in Cuba recently. Tomorrow, I’m flying to Stockholm and then onto Copenhagen.

The best souvenir?
An original 1970s Cuban movie poster from Havana.

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