1.15pm // Ace Hotel


Famously, the wonderful Ace Hotel chain hails from Portland. Their mothership is situated on Stark Street, so let’s have a look around. As expected, it’s super stylish. The lobby is full of beautiful, busy people and their laptops, the interior stunning. Souvenir tip: There’s a photo booth in the lobby!

Ace Hotel // 1022 SW Stark St // website
Pictures (2): Joanna Han

1.30pm // Clyde Common


Time for lunch! Clyde Common, right next to the Ace Hotel, calls itself a ‘European style tavern’. We agree with that. And have to add that the food they serve is amazing, the staff is friendly, and that the community tables really make you feel welcome. If you can’t decide what to get, the pasta from their lunch menu is always a good and affordable option. Enjoy your meal, but don’t order a coffee afterwards, we’ll have one next door.

Clyde Common // 1014 SW Stark St // Mon-Thu 11.30am-Midnight, Fri-Sat 9am-1am, Sun 9am-11pm // website
Pictures (4): Clyde Common: David Reamer/Clyde Common

2.30pm // Stumptown Coffee Roasters


You didn’t really think we’d had you spend 12hrs in Portland without paying a visit to the coffee Gods, did you? Well, here we are. The folks from Stumptown are credited by a lot of people for starting the whole artisan coffee wave. Some call them ‘America’s hippest coffee brand’. And, naturally, others accuse them of selling out.

Whether you agree or not, now is the time to try one of their roasts. Of course, the Ace Hotel has one of their coveted outlets in their lobby, so hop in, get your after-lunch caffeine fix, and get ready for a round of shopping. By the way: We know you’re not hungry anymore, but there’s a great Deli next door called Kenny & Zuke’s. Maybe just have a peek inside?

Stumptown Coffee Roasters // 1026 SW Stark St // Mon-Fri 6am-7pm, Sat-Sun 7am-7pm //website
Pictures: Joanna Han

3pm // Frances May

Owned by a Grandmother/Granddaughter team (how awesome is that?), this small boutique offers clothes from innovative, independent designers. Maybe it’s the owners family ties that influence the atmosphere in here, maybe it’s just the way they do business, but anyway: Frances May is very welcoming, not at all snobbish, and a treasure trove for both girls and guys. Be on the lookout for items on sale! You can make great deals here.

Frances May // 1013 SW Washington St // Mon-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 12am-6pm // website
Pictures (2): Joanna Han


3.20pm // Yo Vintage

While walking around the streets to our next shopping destination, keep your eyes open for other great stores. This area is full of them, and you should have enough time to pay them a visit.

And then, you arrive at Yo Vintage. The owner, Sarah Radcliffe, is a Brit who moved to Portland in 2009 with her husband. She went from ‘not really knowing anything about the city’ to owning one of Portland’s shopping hotspots in no time! Her selection of vintage clothes and accessories is outstanding, the effort and care she puts into the editorials for her online shop is as well. She also sells some new designs by local designers. Oh, and the clothes are very affordable! What’s not to love?

Yo Vintage // 413 SW 13th Ave, Mon-Wed-Sat 11am-6pm, Sun 12pm-5pm // website

3.40pm // Tanner Goods


Around the corner is Tanner Goods, every Pacific-Northwestern dude’s wet dream. Or so it seems, at least. The interior is full of old-school Americana décor, and on the shelves are manly boots, leather goods and Pendleton blankets. Most of the products sold are produced here in Portland. Take your time here, and then have a look on our map and walk up to the Northwest District (just look for ‘Salt&Straw’).

Tanner Goods // 1308 W Burnside St // Mon-Sun 11am-7pm // website

4pm // Northwest District

You’ll have to climb up some pretty steep streets, but once you arrived in the Northwest District, you’ll be treated to a whole different kind of Portland. It’s a bit more posh here, with ladies taking a shopping break at the tables of stylish cafés, and some brand stores. It’s a nice area, so explore a little. And then, there’s the reward for all that walking:

4.30pm // Salt & Straw


Ice cream! This ice cream shop (and its sister store) was famously featured on Oprah, back when she was in full swing and presented her ‘favorite things’. When you try their stuff, you’ll know why. Their flavors sound outrageous, but every single one of them works. Our favorites: The Lemon Basil Sorbet, Honey Lemon with Ricotta Walnut Cookies and Coffee & Bourbon. There’s also Pear With Blue Cheese and Dandelion Sorbet with Spring Flowers, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Salt&Straw, 838 NW 23rd Ave, Mon-Sun 7am-11pm, website
Picture (1):  Salt&Straw

5.30pm // Powell's City of Books


Walking back to Burnside, there is one more important stop we have to make before leaving Downtown and heading back to the hotel. Powell’s City of Books is actually really aptly named. This famous shop is every bookworm’s dream. You can easily get lost within the maze of bookshelves. So easily, that they actually offer maps for you to find your way around.

They have more than 1 Million volumes on the shelves, and buy around 3 000 ‘new’ used books over the counter every day. If you don’t have to worry about luggage weight limits, go crazy! If you do, maybe at least grab a magazine or two?

When you’re done, walk back over Burnside bridge to The Jupiter. You earned a hot shower, a nap, or a change of clothes. Next up is dinner!

Powell’s City of Books // 1005 W Burnside St // Mon-Sun 9am-11pm


7pm // Screen Door


There are a lot of celebrated restaurants in this town, so your dinner options are almost endless. Instead of going to one of those food critic favorites, we decided on a local favorite that melted our hearts (and stomachs). Screen Door serves traditional Southern cooking, from Fried Chicken to Biscuits, and this is exactly what you should order here. It’s delicious, and even though we’re far from the South, you half expect an (imaginary) Grandmother offering you Sweet Tea after the meal. This is a favorite for the neighborhood folks, so prepare for a short wait.

Screen Door // 2337 E Burnside St // Mon-Fri 5.30am-10pm, Sat 9am-2.30pm & 5.30pm-10pm, Sun 9am-2.30pm & 5.30pm-9pm // website
Pictures: Joanna Han

9pm // Dig a Pony

Full? And a little tired? Or are you still ready to go? Either way, having some drinks in a nice bar with good music always helps. This one is our choice. Dig A Pony was named after a Beatles song by the same name, and we can see why. The DJs here have a knack for playing just the right song at the right time. Apart from the usual bar fare, you also get a great selection of amazing cocktails for just 7 or 8 Dollars. They also offer snacks, but we guess that won’t be necessary. Anyway, take a seat at the giant bar, admire the old building that formerly housed a Drugstore, then some more shady business endeavors, and kick back with the locals. You just spent 12hrs in Portland, time to relax!

Dig A Pony // 736 SE Grand Avenue // Mon-Sun 4pm-2am //website
Pictures: Joanna Han

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