Marseille is the second largest city of France and the country’s largest city on the Mediterranean coast.

Good to know: 

Marseille was an important trade center and functioned as the main trade port of the French empire.

It was founded 2.600 years ago, making Marseille the oldest city in France.

The national anthem of France is called ‘La Marseillaise’.

Population (metro area): 1.7 Million
Currency: Euro (€)
Language: French


The city of Marseille is defined by the Mediterranean sea. Its old port has been the lifeline of the city, and a source of renewal. Hundreds of thousands of people arrived in Europe on one of the countless ships docking here. Trade ships brought exotic goods and wealth and hungry sailors that needed to be fed.

France’s second biggest city in the south of France couldn’t be more different than the biggest one, Paris, the capital of the country. Marseille is a little rough, and tough, and sometimes gritty. But it’s also honest, and heartfelt, and above all, very beautiful. Its beauty mostly doesn’t come from big, prestigious buildings, but from small alleyways, colorful houses, and corners steeped in centuries of history.

It’s the city of Bouillabaisse, not Haute Cuisine. Of days spent lounging at the beach and wandering through the old quarter Le Panier and along the harbor, looking at palm trees.

In spite of all its history, Marseille feels like a young city, with a very active creative scene. You’ll find a lot of designers, artists and musicians here, and street art that will blow your mind. When you’re done exploring the cityscapes, secluded bays and sandy beaches are just a short drive away. And the weather will brighten your mood even more.

Since May 1st, Eurostar operates a direct service from London, taking you from the city center of the British capital to the heart of Marseille in just under six and a half hours. The new Provence route takes you through France and past some of the country’s most breathtaking scenery, while you can just sit back and relax. Tickets start at just 99£ (approximately 145 USD/135 Euro) return.

So hop on that train, pack your sunglasses, put on some sunscreen. Let’s spend 12hrs in Marseille!