7pm // Dishoom

Back to Shoreditch, it’s time for dinner. There are a lot of amazing restaurants around the East of London, but if we have to choose one, we’ll always pick Dishoom.


Having Indian food in London is a good idea anyway, but Dishoom is very special. It has been modeled after the Bombay Cafés that flourished in the Indian citiy during the 1960s. Built by Persian immigrants, there were once almost 400 of them in Bombay, and they attracted everybody – from sweaty taxi drivers to businessmen and families.


Dishoom wants to be as uncomplicated as these establishments, and it manages that with ease. The crowd is very diverse, and the décor reminds you of far-away places, with faded pictures on the wall and fans slowly turning on the ceiling.

The food is outright fantastic! You order several small dishes that you can share with everyone at your table. Don’t be afraid of the giant menu, the members of the super welcoming staff explain everything to you and always have great recommendations. The 12hrs cheat sheet: Get Far Far while you are waiting, then pick whatever you want, but make sure to include their signature dish, the House Black Daal, and the amazing Pau Bhaji. Oh, and the Gunpowder potatoes. And the Kacchi Lamb, and…

Dishoom doesn’t take reservations (unless you are a party of six and more), but it’s big enough so you should be able to get a table. There’s also a waiting list on crowded days and a bar to spend the time waiting with a good cocktail. Prices here are super fair, you won’t spend a fortune but still leave extremely happy.

Dishoom Shoreditch // 7 Boundary Street, Mon-Wed 8am-11pm // Thu-Fri 8am-12am, Sat 9am-12am, Sun 9am-11pm // website
Picture (1) // Dishoom


7.30pm // Queen of Hoxton

Over at the Queen of Hoxton, you can lose some of the calories you just acquired by walking up to the roof. This “youth club for adults” spans three stories, with spaces for concerts and theater, a game room, and – of course – a giant bar.

In the Summer, their rooftop garden (opened on weekdays only until 9pm, on the weekends until 10pm) gives you a great view of the ever-changing East End. They sell ice cream there, serve yummy after-dinner cocktails and host great events like outdoor movie clubs or silent parties.

In Winter, they might just build a Tipi up there and make it cozy. Check their website for details.

Queen of Hoxton // 1-5 Curtain Road // Sun-Wed 5pm-12am, Thu-Sat 5pm-2am // website
Pictures (3) // Queen Of Hoxton

10pm // Pub life

Yes, we know, our 12hrs in East London are over. But pssst, we have one more tip…

After hitting the rooftop bar, the pubs and maybe a club or two, you might be in need of something salty in your stomach. Something to fight off that hangover before it even gets a chance to hit you. In situations like this, there’s only one place to visit: The Brick Lane Beigel Bake.

Open 24 hours, seven days a week, this Jewish bakery feeds hungry hipsters and starving construction workers, tired partygoers and eager students alike. They bake everything fresh, around the clock. This is by no means a fancy place, it has a, well, let’s call it “rough” charm, but that makes it also very authentic. Fun fact: It’s the oldest bagel shop in London and produces around 7.000 Bagels every day.

Brick Lane Beigel Bake // 159 Brick Lane, open 24/7


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