Berlin's Friedrichstraße is a giant street winding through Mitte, packed with shops and and offices, traffic and tourists. It's also one of the best places to set up camp while you prepare to explore the city. There, hidden in plain site and accessed through a giant courtyard are The Mandala Suites.

This apartment hotel offers one thing that you rarely come by when staying in big cities: space. And there is plenty of it! With 68 square meters, every room looks like a hotel suite, there are giant walk-in closets, couches, a desk and even a hallway and plenty of space to store your luggage. This would probably be the ideal place for longer stays in Berlin, but we enjoyed it just as much for just one night. 

The location is unbeatable, really. There's a metro stop right outside the door, and within walking distance you have access to several attractions and cool shops. 

The Mandala Suites are located on the upper floors of a big (office) building, so you'll get to enjoy some great views. That's especially the case in the breakfast lounge, an airy and light room on the top floor. We loved that food is served until 11am on weekdays and noon on the weekends. And while the breakfast is quite pricey, it's delicious and comes highly recommended.

A gym and a sauna are part of the complex, and guests can use them free of charge. Rooms start at 117 Euro (around 146 USD).

The Mandala Suites // Friedrichstr. 185-190 //Berlin // website

Thank you to The Mandala Suites for sponsoring our stay.