For a long time, there was one painful culinary blind spot on the food map of Paris: coffee. Despite the cities' reputation as a gourmet destination, Parisians just didn't seem to care for roasting, cold brews or slow drips.

You didn't have to be a coffee nerd to realize that the bitter, brown fluid that they served in all those cozy bistros was subpar. It just tasted bad.

In the recent years, though, things have changed. Specialty coffee shops are popping up all around town, an army of hipster baristas is singing praises to the Chemex coffeemaker, and Paris' very first roastery opened just last year. 

Our upcoming 12hrs in Paris guide will take you to a few of our favorite cafes, but there are just too many great new places to fit in one guide. So we'll introduce you to one of our favorites right here on the blog today.

Loustic opened a year ago in the 3rd arrondisement, a short walk from Centre Pompidou. It's a beautifully designed space, with a long wooden bar, big mirrors and an exposed brick wall. A good place to meet friends, hang out and read one of the many magazines from the racks. The owners want to encourage patrons to relax and talk to each other, so even though there's wi-fi, taking out your computer might be frowned upon. (Except on the weekends. Then, it's simply forbidden and the network is turned off altogether.)

The guys and gals behind the bar know what they're doing, the coffee at Loustic is simply amazing. We loved the iced versions on a sunny day, the espresso makes you forget any sad caffeinated drink you might have had before, and the filter coffee is super popular, too. Loustic also serves homemade cakes (that we tried and loved!) and hearty snacks, although the prices for food here are quite steep.

Loustic // 40 rue Chapon // Paris // Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm // Facebook