Monocle's Most Liveable City 2014


Every year, Monocle magazine compiles a list of the 25 most liveable cities in the world. They compare a variety of factors – from international flights leaving the local airport to the number of outdoor pools and bookstores – to establish their take on the planet’s most live- and loveable place. And they are always spot-on with their observations.

So, let's have a look at this years' Top 3: There's Melbourne on the third spot and Tokyo on the second, making it the highest ranking Asian city. And the winner? Copenhagen! Again! The Danish capital took home the prize last year, and they defended their first place in 2014. We wholeheartedly agree!

This video takes you to three of the highest-ranking cities in the survey on three continents, Vancouver, Tokyo and Copenhagen, and highlights what makes them so special. If you need even more reasons to visit the Danish capital, take a look at our 12hrs in Copenhagen guide for some inspiration or check out some more tips from there on our blog. And if Vancouver caught your eye: We have a 12hrs in Vancouver guide, as well!