Maps on Mondays: Hand-drawn maps by Jenni Sparks


Nobody likes Mondays. So any distraction from the fact that it is, in fact, the start of the week, is a welcome one. That’s why we decided to do a new feature on this blog. (Almost) Every Monday, we’ll present you with a fresh look on maps.

Maps are boring, you say? We politely have to disagree! While traveling, they are the ones keeping us on track. When stuck at home, they instill a sense of wonderful. And on top of that, they are just plain beautiful works of art. So leave your memories of outdated textbook graphics at the door, and enjoy some beautiful maps with us. First up: The hand-drawn maps by artist Jenni Sparks.

So far, Jenni has tackled New York City, London and recently Berlin. Her maps are full of quirky little details that regular maps leave out. In New York, she is pointing us to Bob Dylan’s favorite neighborhood, in London, graffiti spots in Brixton get a mention, and the Berlin map includes nightlife mecca Berghain and a place that sells organic sushi.

Click through the slideshow above to see some great detail shots of her maps, click here to see more of Jenni Sparks‘ work, and head over to Evermade to purchase the maps.

Pictures: Jenni Sparks