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Le Coiffeur Pascal Lancien

The most beautiful hair salon in the South of France.

Being on vacation is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself. For some of us that means a visit to a spa, going on a shopping spree or enjoying a fancy dinner. And next time we’ll be in Marseille, we know what we spend that splurge money on: a haircut at Le Coiffeur.

This beautiful salon just opened its doors a while ago, and is worth a visit for its interior design alone. Conceived for local stylist and salon owner Pascal Lancien by designer Margaux Keller, a Marseille native herself, the space looks modern and new without ever feeling cold or uninviting.

A lot of the design elements call back to the South of France. The main colors used in the salon are seaside tones of azure blue and yellow, the shampoo ‘cabana’ was inspired by the cabins of Marseille fishermen from Marseille, and the mix of concrete and tiles on the shop floor is a nod to Provençal tradition.

Le Coiffeur Pascal Lancien // Les Terrasses Du Port // Marseille // website
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