How To Behave In New York City


Ever since we stumbled upon Nathan Pyle's hilariously accurate depictions of life in New York City online, we've been big fans of the comic artist and his work. A few days ago, the book accompanying the web comic called 'NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette' was finally published.

The small drawings teach you proper subway etiquette (no smelly foods! empty trains are empty for a reason!), tell you how to navigate Union Square (you'll get a hold of it eventually), and explain to you how to be behave if you think that you spotted a famous person (hint: don't stare!). If you're visiting the city or know anybody who does, this is required reading. And if you're actually from NYC, you'll have a lot of fun going through the strips. 

There's a paperback version of the book, a digital one, and an awesome, animated ebook version for Apple devices available. And to get a preview, click through the gallery above.

Nathan W. Pyle // NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette: An illustrated guide to life and etiquette in New York City // William Morrow Paperbacks // Facebook