For chef Nick Bril, food is his religion. So it is only fitting that his latest venture is located in a transformed house of worship: The Jane restaurant calls a chapel of a former military hospital in Antwerp home. Bril used to prepare his Michelin-starred dishes in Sergio Herman's restaurant "Oud Sluis" in The Netherlands before, which has been closed since last December. 

Now the two are working together again and they commissioned designer Piet Bloon to build the breathtaking space close to the city center of Antwerp. The heart of the restaurant – the kitchen – sits right where the altar used to be. The windows look like regular church decorations. Until you take a closer look and find intricate depictions of carrots, pots, and knives among the colorful ornaments. The pair's motto "fine dining meets rock'n'roll" shows in fun, small details like this. This is not a cheap place to eat, prices start at 55 Euro per person for a three-course-menu. But if you're looking to celebrate a special occasion with some amazing food in a stunning place, The Jane is the place to go.

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