We are hard at work – and really excited! - preparing our next 12hrs guide. It will feature a part of London that is very close to our hearts: The East.

Don't worry, we have a fantastic hotel suggestion for you there. But still, these following news made us listen up. Ace Hotels, the notoriously hipster hotel chain that so far has properties in Portland, Seattle, L.A. (coming soon), New York and in Palm Springs, is opening its first property in Europe. The powers that be chose London for this, and they chose Shoreditch, the veritable new heart of the East End.

Apart from the address, all we know is that Ace Hotel Shoreditch will be located in a building that hasn't been there for long. A structure that was built rather recently, without real purpose, and without fitting in with its surroundings. And we know that the people behind Ace want to turn this rather nondescript structure into something special. A meeting point "this dynamic neighborhood and its visitors deserve". We are excited!

Ace Hotel Shoreditch, 100 Shoreditch Highstreet, website