A new 12hrs guide is online! Today, we are spending a day in Berlin. The German capital has been a magnet for artists and musicians ever since the early 1980s and hasn’t lost anything of its appeal since then. Helping us make sense of this giant city (with 891 square Kilometers, its surface area is nine times bigger than Paris!) is Herbert Hofmann, the Creative Director of Voo Store.

He is spending most of his time in the Kreuzberg district, so this is where our guide leads you. Here is our itinerary for our first 12hrs in Berlin:

10am Kaffeebar – A strong coffee and a croissant to start your day.
11am Turkish Market – Exploring the multicultural side of Kreuzberg, one vegetable stand at the time.
11.45am Modulor – Every creators dream, this is where Berlin’s architects, artists, and DIY-types shop.
12am Prinzessinengarten – An urban garden in the middle of the city.
12.45pm Markthalle IX – Food stands and great, organic lunch.
2pm Voo Store – An amazing concept store and one of the 12hrs team’s favorite shops ever.
2.15pm Companion Coffee – Ambitious Baristas inside Voo Store make Kreuzberg’s best coffee.
3pm Andreas Murkudis – A giant shopping temple with an impeccable selection of products.
4pm Boros Bunker – A collection of modern art that will take your breath away.
6pm Michelberger Hotel – Pretty, friendly, and surprisingly affordable: Our hotel in Berlin.
8pm Silberlöffel – This restaurant is an insider tip.
10pm Going out – We are hitting Luzia, Möbel Olfe and Paloma Bar. And yes, maybe even Panorama Bar later.


The complete guide is just a click away here.