6.30pm // Encants Barcelona

Encants Barcelona
Encants Barcelona

One last stop before we take a much needed break. You can walk here (that's what we did) or take a bus, but don't miss out on the Market del Encants. It's one of Europe's oldest markets and Barcelona's biggest. Vendors have been selling their goods here since the 14th century, and to this day it gets very busy here during market days. This area of town has seen a lot of new development with impressive new architecture. Luckily, the city planners have dedicated lots of space to Encants and its more than 500 vendors and built a shiny new home for it. Housed under an impressive, mirrored roof that covers the stalls in waves, you find everything you might ever need - from Paella pans big enough to feed a whole village to vintage furniture and clothes.

Encants Barcelona // Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes // Mon & Wed & Fri & Sat 9am-8pm // website

8pm // Hotel Vueling BCN by HC

Vueling Hotel

From here, you can take the metro L1 right to Urgell. Let's head to the hotel to take a break from all the exploring.

There is a reason this place is called like an airline: it's part of one. Hotel Vueling BCN by HC is operated by Hotels Catalonia (hence the "by HC" byline) but it's part of the Vueling family. And in Barcelona, they opened their first hotel.

Its location is great for exploring, and we loved to stay here. Each room represents a different holiday destination, although except for the big photo over the bed, nothing changes from Paris to Porto. No worries, though, because we really enjoyed the rooms. They are spacious and clean, the beds are comfy and the Internet is fast.

The airline theme continues all the way through the building. The reception is a check-in counter, the restaurant has little fake airplane windows and breakfast is served in "La Terminal".

Come back here to unload the souvenirs you might have bought today, maybe take a dip in the pool and relax a bit before dinner. No need to hurry, Spaniards eat late.

Hotel Vueling BCN by HC // Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 550 // website

9.30pm // Lolita Tapería

Lolita Taperia
Photo: Paula Gallardo

No visit to Barcelona is complete without eating lots and lots of Tapas. The little Spanish dishes come in many shapes and forms, and countless restaurants around town serve them every night. So let's have some! Our favorite Tapas restaurant by a mile is Lolita Tapería. The place is a bar, a vermouthery, a restaurant and a bistro all in once and serves a big selection of small plates. We tried to sample as many items from the menu as we could manage, and each one of them was delicious! Some of our favorites were the Iberic croquettes, tuna loin in Ponsu and the small burger of the day with Kimchi. Make sure to ask for the daily specials!

If you haven't done so yet: Now is the time to order a glass of Cava or two and have a toast. You just spend 12hrs in Barcelona! Salut!

Lolita Tapería // Carrer de Tamarit 104 // Tue-Thu 7pm-12am, Fri & Sat 1pm-4pm & 7pm-2am // website


Thank you to the low-cost airline Vueling for flying us out to Barcelona and letting us stay in your hotel.

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